Past Events

Here is a listing of our Past Seminars and Webinars. Our seminars are held in New York and New Jersey.  Our webinars are recorded and made available for sale as Webcasts. After purchasing the webcast link, you have access to the link 24/7. Take advantage of the learning opportunities that NEXCO provides.

March 2016
Preparing for Trade with Cuba Newark, NJ
October 2015
Preparing for Trade with Cuba Miami, FL
January – December 2011
“International Business Opportunities Conference” in cooperation with Citibank
Supporter of “Trade Finance 2011”
“Classification of Chemicals and Drugs: Rules of the Game”
“Strategies for Mitigating Foreign Exchange and Global Trade Risk”
“Food Safety Modernization Act: What it Means and How to Prepare” – Webinar! Available for Purchase
“China: Risk, Rewards & How To Win”
“Incoterms 201012 & International Payment Options” – Webinar! Available for Purchase
January – December 2010
“Solutions for Finding Distributors, Brokers and Agents”
“Doing Busines in the United States”
“A Roundtable Discussion on 10+2 Security Rules with Rich DiNucci”
“Customs Entry Process from Start to Finish” – Webinar!   Available for Purchase
“Complying with ITAR” – Webinar!   Available for Purchase
“INCOTERMS: The Language Used by Importers & Exporters” – Webinar!  Available for Purchase
January – December 2009
“Doing Business in the United Kingdom”
“Managing Emerging Markets”
“Doing Business in the United States for Foreign-Owned Companies”
“Managing Trade Preference Claims” – Webinar! Available for Purchase
“Advantages of Foreign Trade Zones” – Webinar!  Available for Purchase
“Duty Drawback and NAFTA”
“International Procurement Opportunities”
“First Sales Rule Offers Duty Savings Opportunity” – Webinar! Available for Purchase
“Employement Opportunities in International Trade”
“Marking & Labeling Rules”
July – December 2008
“INCOTERMS” – Webinar!
“CPSC Certification”
“10+2 Security Rules”
“Designing Goods to Lower Customs Duties”
“Advantages of Foreign Trade Zones”  – Webinar!
“ITAR from A to Z” – Webinar!
“International Payment Options”
June 2008
“Complete Guide to Origin Marking” – Webinar!
May 2008
“International Franchising: Is it Right for You?
April 2008
“Qualifying a Product Under a Free Trade Agreement”
“Prior Disclosures for Importers and Exporters”
March 2008
“Export Controls & Licensing including Dual Use”
February 2008
“Ensuring Product Safety – Quality Control in China” – Webinar!
“Uncovering Trade Data – Update on ACE, 10+2, SAFE Port Act” – Webinar!
“First Alert: 2008’s Top Trends in Trade” – Held in New Jersey with Luncheon Sponsored by PIERS
December 2007
“China and India: The Future of Trade”

November 2007
“Duty Savings Opportunities – Techniques for Importers and Exporters”
“Cargo Security – Update on Worldwide Programs” – Webinar!

July 2007
“Logic of Logistics” – Webinar! 

June 2007
“European Standards & Regulations and Their Global Impact ”

May 2007
“NEW UCP 600 & Letters of Credit” – Held in New Jersey with Luncheon Sponsored by TD Banknorth
“Intellectual Property Rights – Focusing on China & India”
“Classification of Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Products”

April 2007
“Free Trade Agreements & Customs Verifications”

February 2007
“The NEW UCP 600 & Letters of Credit”

January 2007
“U.S. Foreign Policy & How It Affects International Trade”

December 2006
“Harmonized Schedule Changes 2007”

November 2006
“Export Compliance and Security”  – Webcast of this FULL DAY Seminar Available for Purchase

November 2006
“Crafting a Distribution & Agency Agreement”

October 2006
“Fundamentals of Importing”

September 2006
“European Business Environment”

August 2006
“Fundamentals of International Trade”

July 2006
“Are You Using INCOTERMS Correctly?”

June 2006
“Technology Trends in the Cargo Security Domain”

May 2006
“International Free Trade Agreements – Challenges & Opportunities”

April 2006
“Global Insurance Solutions for Global Risks Faced by Exporters & Importers”

March 2006
“Are You At Ease Overseas: Understandig Cultural Diversity in Global Business
Focusing on Asia & Europe”

February 2006
“Working Through the Maze of Global Sourcing”

January 2006
“How to Obtain Financing for your Exports”

December 2005
“Really Useful Websites for the International Professional”

November 2005
“Contracts & Incoterms”

October 2005
“Import Transactions: From A to Z”

September 2005
“Infrastructure Projects in China”

August 2005
“Export Marketing” Strategies, Outlook & Opportunities”

July 2005
“The Secrets of Negotiating Freight Rates”

June 2005
“C-TPAT & Port Security Review”

May 2005
“Import Documentation Requirements”

April 2005
“Understanding How Government Services Can Help you Trade”

March 2005
“Mandatory Filing of SEDs a Reality”

March 2005
“AES Direct Workshop”

March 2005
“Classification for Importers and Exporters”

February 2005
“Sourcing from China: Online or Off?”

February 2005
“Importer Self Assessment and Focused Assessments”

January 2005
“Software for International Trade”

December 2004
“Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals”

November 2004
“Responsibilities and Compliance Issues for Exporters”

October 2004
“Made in USA: Does your product qualify?”

Septemer 2004
“Full Day Imports”

September 2004
“Outsourcing and Quality Control in China”

August 2004
“Export Marketing”

July 2004
“Port Harbor Cruise”

June 2004
“Duty Savings Opportunities and Programs”

May 2004
“Fundamentals of International Trade”
Corporate Sponsor: ATA Carnet

April 2004
“AES Update”
Corporate Sponsor: AES Direct

March 2004
Corporate Sponsor: Sterling National Bank

Feburary 2004
“Marking and Origin”
Corporate Sponsor: World Trade Institute

January 2004
“Customs Security Measures”
Corporate Sponsor: Customs and Trade Solutions Inc.

December 2003
“Final Bioterrorism Rules”
Corporate Sponsor: Global Training Center

November 2003
“Classification for Importers and Exporters”
Corporate Sponsor: UPS

October 2003
“Automated Export System: New developments and announcements”
Corporate Sponsor: US Census Bureau, AES Direct

September 2003
“Find and Qualify Overseas Trading Partners: PIERS, Kompass, and Thomas Global Register”
Corporate Sponsor: PIERS Global Intelligence Solutions

July 2003
“International Networking Boat Cruise with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce”

June 2003
“Getting Paid and Insuring Your Risk”
Corporate Sponsor: Coface North America

May 2003
“World Trade Week, an exhibition of foreign trade representatives based in New York”

April 2003
“Import Documentation and Procedures”
Corporate Sponsor: Sterling National Bank

March 2003
“Focused Assessment”
Corporate Sponsor: American Shipping Company

February 2003
“Sourcing From China: the best online marketplaces for finding products and suppliers”
Corporate Sponsor: Sterling National Bank

January 2003
“Trade Statistics: Find Your Products. Find Your Markets. Find Your Competitive Advantage”
Corporate Sponsor: GTIS, Global Trade Information Services, Inc.

December 2002
“Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals”

November 2002
“Export Compliance and Enforcement”

July 2002
“International Networking and Harbor Cruise”

June 2002
“Russia’s Global Impact: Issues and Opportunities for US Companies”

April 2002
“Doing Business With Turkey”

April 2002
“Hong Kong: The Premier Business Platform for Doing Business With China”

March 2002
“Understanding Global Business Practices”

January 2002
“The Euro and How It Will Affect Us In 2002”

December 2001
“Opportunities for Global Commerce with Emerging Markets”

December 2001
“China Accession to the WTO”

November 2001
“Hungary: A Hot Market for US Businesses”

November 2001
“Strategies for World Trade in Turbulent Times”